Video Premieres

  • Video Premiere: Sam Lewis, "3/4 Time"

    • April 06, 2015
    • Linda Fahey
    Following the trail blazed by guys from Leon Russell to Sturgill Simpson, Sam Lewis applies his soulful voice and poet's heart to a new batch of tunes on his upcoming sophomore effort, 'Waiting On You.
  • Video Premiere: Joel Rafael, "Thanks for the Smiles"

    • March 05, 2015
    • Linda Fahey
    The saying is - the best writing comes from writing what you know, and based on Joel Rafael's life experiences and 50 or so years of making music, he has a deep well from which to draw.
  • Video Premiere: Eliza Gilkyson, "Fast Freight"

    • September 15, 2014
    • Cindy Howes
    Eliza Gilkyson's new album, 'The Nocturne Diaries,' is "inspired by the sort of thoughts that keep us awake at night in this modern world, where the news always seems to be bad".
  • VIDEO PREMIERE: Slaid Cleaves "Without Her"

    • August 06, 2013
    • Kim Ruehl
    He may be mostly unknown to audiences beyond hard-core folkies and fellow singer-songwriters, but Slaid Cleaves is easily one of the finest practitioners of that craft these days.