Video Premiere: Glen Phillips, “I Was a Riot”

In the wake of our Why We Write podcast with Glen Phillips, we’re here to share a track from his new album, There Is So Much Here.

Love songs are pretty easy to come by in the world, but it’s much more rare to hear a song that encapsulates the full breadth of a love relationship.

In this song, “I Was a Riot,” Phillips goes deep into the ups and downs of romantic love—the ways it flows through a relationship in waves. Sometimes this is nurturing, sometimes destructive. But, in love, it’s all worth it.

“It’s work to keep a romance alive and well,” he says. “You have to water the garden, so to speak.

“It helps if you find the work and its attendant challenges a blessing instead of a burden,” he adds.

“The choruses in this song are about remembering the peaks, the moments where its ecstatic and easy and miraculous. The verses are a little more about the faith it takes to get through the other times. It all adds up somehow.”


Video features artwork by TAKI
Video “brought to animated life” and directed by Matthew Ward


There is So Much Here available HERE


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