Classic Folk

by Nora Guthrie, this month’s Classic Folk playlist curator:

As Bob Dylan once said about my father, Woody Guthrie, “You can listen to his songs and learn how to live.” I wanted to create a playlist that reflects this, his 360⁰ vision of how to live.

We all share the same earthly lens through which we experience our lives. We are being constantly changed and chiseled by similar forces: the place we live in, our families, other people we meet, people we fall in or out of love with, the history we learn, the politics we live in, the spirituality that moves us, and our own sense of who we are. My father wrote songs about all of this. This playlist reflects the songs that speak to all these themes and have helped me learn how to live.

Copies of the original lyrics – including some well knowns and never before published – are included for the first time in our book, Woody Guthrie : Songs and Art • Words and Wisdom (Chronicle Books.) I hope you too might find something here to help you learn how to live, and in my father’s words “Keep your hoping machine running”. – Nora Guthrie

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