Video Premiere: Jeffrey Martin, “There Is A Treasure”

Sparse and cinematic, Jeffrey Martin’s new single shines a light on the intimacies and intricacies of the daily lives in which we finds ourselves imbricated, whether we nod to those webs of connection or not. Martin lays down crisp guitar picking that flows in gentle waves underneath his smoothly raw vocals, creating a sonic stream that tumbles forward with tender resignation, amused wonder, and serene joy.

Martin discovers that the golden moments, the treasure, of our daily lives arise out of our awareness that the sun comes up every day no matter what we do, and we can revel in the scope of life and refuse to put up barriers that often keep us from embracing the beauty of the world that surrounds us. “There Is a Treasure” is the first single from Martin’s new album Thank God We Left the Garden, out November 3 on Fluff & Gravy Records.

As Martin puts it: “This is a thankful ode to all that remains out of reach. To the brief glimpses of a place beyond time and worry, beyond death even, where we live purely and forever in the here and now and it stretches out past all measure. And in that place we feel ourselves as beautifully unimportant, untethered from the din of our daily angst, a single part of the huge mystery of existence. What a special human gift to be able to see ourselves framed in that light, released for brief moments from the otherwise burdensome weight of being alive. And from that soft and careful vantage point, it’s a little easier to see the preciousness of each life and to find compassion for every person’s story.”

More about Thank God We Left the Garden, out on November 3, HERE





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