Hear the Best New Folk Music with Fresh Cuts Friday

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In the meantime, check out some of the best new music we’ve been listening to this week.

Kelsey Waldon – “Hello Stranger” (featuring S.G. Goodman)

Waldon’s new album There’s Always A Song (out May 10) features new recordings of traditional songs that shaped her musicality.  “It’s like, I kind of was able to find my voice through these voices, you know?” Waldon says. “A part of me doing this album is expressing so much gratitude for the music that I love, for music that has meant a lot to me and helped me.” “Hello Stranger” features fellow Kentuckian S.G. Goodman.

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams – “The Way You Make Me Feel” 

Husband and wife duo Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams have a new album coming out: All This Time (out April 5). The flirty duet “The Way You Make Me Feel” was inspired by their love story. “The lyric was inspired by recalling when I first got together with Teresa,” says Campbell. Williams shares: “The groove, the words, the lightheartedness. It’s funny and fun. ‘I got a brand new couch, and we can watch TV. Put an arm around you — we’ll see whatever you wanna see…’ Now that’s good flirting!”

Louise Bichan – “Coldstream” 

Louise Bichan is a US-based Scottish musician (fiddler) and photographer who uses both mediums to tell stories old and new. Masterfully blending traditional and classical arrangements, her work is thoughtful, and complex, curious, and playful. She composes in response to her roots and the world around her; weaving through stories of connection, to people, nature, the past and the possibility of the future. Her latest album is The Lost Summer (out April 5).

Rachel Baiman – “Equine Elvis” (featuring Pony Bradshaw)

This is the first in a series of collaborations Rachel will be doing called “The A Side/B Side” collaboration series. Pony Bradshaw duets with Rachel Baiman on “Equine Elvis” — a song about a real horse in the American military who earned his nickname and became famous when he was found alive after the Battle of Little Bighorn. Baiman shares: “When I wrote “Equine Elvis”, I was thinking about how we project our needs and morals onto these animals that truly do not care. My song is from the horse’s perspective, the poor guy didn’t care at all about the war effort, and probably just wanted to chill.”

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