Basic Folk podcast, eps 150 – Aoife O’Donovan

BASIC FOLK Celebrates its 150th Episode!

For its 150th episode, Basic Folk welcomes Aoife O’Donovan to the pod and celebrates Aoife’s new album Age of Apathy. This is her third solo record; O’Donovan has also spent years performing and recording with her bands I’m With Her (with Sara Watkins and Sarah Jarosz), Crooked Still, Sometymes Why (with Kristin Andreassen and Ruth Merenda) and The Wayfaring Strangers.

Aoife O’Donovan was born and raised in Newton, MA. Thanks to her Irish, music-loving parents, she and her siblings grew up in the “Irish music party world” of Boston.

Aoife spent summers in Ireland and is very closely associated with the music, culture, and people there. The impact her heritage and the early environment of her life have had on her musicality cannot be understated.

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