Won’t You Help?

Our friend, Jon Chandler from Salem, Oregon wrote in today. He needs our help finding the title to a mystery song that’s stuck in his head! So far, Jim Blum and the rest of us at FA have come up empty, so we need to turn it over to you, the Folk Alley audience!

Here’s Jon’s letter with some clues:

Good morning and thanks in advance, both for the possible help and for providing the service. I have been a listener/contributor for several years, and have turned on many of my aging folkie friends to Folk Alley.

So here’s my question: I’ve had a song stuck in my head for a couple months now. I have no idea who the artist is or what the title is, and I’ve scoured my personal music collection in case it was hiding in my ipod someplace…I’ve googled the lyrics I can remember, I’ve dug through a number of lyric websites (and there are some gawdawful lyrics out there!), rooted around the Folk Alley play list, but nope. Since I primarily listen to either Folk Alley or my own collection, and since I don’t think I have the damned thing, I’m hoping you can help me with this musical exorcism. If you get songs stuck, you’ll understand.

The lyrics I recall include:

Something about the bottom of a mason jar;
Something else about “take me to the _______th floor” ;
And yet another disconnected vague recollection about “la la la blue…la la la back at you”;
And still one more which in my mind is “share and share again” but that could be a mondegreen.

I prolly have it all tangled up, but it’s a fine tune and I’d love to know who did it. I can hum it for you, but I’ve found humming to be of limited utility in an email.

Any help you could provide would be welcome, including, I suppose, recommendations for either therapists or pharmaceuticals.

~ Jon in Salem, Oregon

Hey! Let’s help out Jon. The first person to “name that tune” correctly will win a fabulous, surprise (i.e. we don’t know what it is yet, but you’ll love it) prize from Folk Alley!

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