Why We Write with Kim Ruehl, Eps. 5: Rose Cousins

All songwriting grapples with emotion on some level, but few songwriters go as deeply into the den of emotion with as much determination as Rose Cousins. Across her eight studio albums, Cousins has developed a reputation for being deeply honest about the complexities of human emotions. Even her merchandise pokes fun at how emotional her songwriting is. (A tote bag reads: “Jam Your Feelings in Here”.) So, when we spoke for this episode of Why We Write, I was curious as to her relationship with songwriting as a tool for emotional excavation—a thing she is even able to do when singing other people’s songs. In fact, we began by discussing other people’s songwriting, and the avenue toward emotional nuance that is just waiting to be found. Enjoy this episode of Why We Write with Rose Cousins.

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