Why We Write with Kim Ruehl, Eps. 42: Folk Debate Club with Basic Folk and Friends

This week’s episode of Why We Write is a special feature we’re calling Folk Debate Club. Host Kim Ruehl got together with Cindy Howes and Lizzie No of the Basic Folk Podcast, to discuss which is more important: lyrics or melody?

For good measure, they brought in singer-songwriter and guitarist Isa Burke (Lula Wiles, Aoife O’Donovan), and the discussion got deep very quickly.

Panelists explored the songwriting of Taylor Swift, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, Laura Marling, Stevie Wonder, and numerous others.

Unexpected things happened: Isa Burke sang a line of Swift’s “Anti-Hero” as Dylan. One panelist completely changed her mind about which element is more important. Once the dust cleared, did our panelists decide lyrics or melody are more important? Tune in and find out.

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