Why We Write with Kim Ruehl, Eps. 38: Jaimee Harris

Jaimee Harris’s new album, Boomerang Town (due Feb. 17), is her sophomore release but is likely to be a welcome introduction to a much wider audience. Its songs are emotionally stirring, brutally honest, and often remarkably catchy. The ability to balance those three things, within every song, is no small feat. But Harris is a beautifully intentional songwriter who seems to understand on a deep level what a song is capable of accomplishing.

On this episode, of the ‘Why We Write’ podcast, she talks about how her father pointed her toward songwriting when she was younger, how Emmylou Harris and Julie Miller became huge early influences, and what her own “boomerang town” (Waco, Texas, where she grew up) taught her. She digs into Walmart and butterflies and sobriety and transformation, and on and on.

Press play and learn about the stories behind the music and why Jaimee Harris writes.

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