Why We Write with Kim Ruehl, Eps. 29: Robby Hecht

Across his five studio solo albums—and one he recorded as a duo with Caroline SpenceRobby Hecht has cemented his reputation for playing quiet, feelings-driven songs.

Now, on a new, forthcoming recording (Not a Number, produced by fellow singer-songwriter Anthony da Costa), Hecht explores more up-tempo writing via a collection of songs he calls his “post-divorce album.”

In this episode of Why We Write, he talks about this shift and strengthening the evolving muscle of his songwriting—from the early days, when he was hoping to emulate artists like Counting Crows and Indigo Girls, to the present.

We also explore what makes the songwriting of Anais Mitchell and Sarah Siskind so special, and other of his favorite songwriters who have nailed specific emotions in ways that he admires.

Press play and enjoy the latest episode!

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