Why We Write with Kim Ruehl, Eps. 27: Edie Carey

Six albums into her career—more if you count her various collaborations and live recordings—Edie Carey has established herself as a singer-songwriter who is apparently unafraid to get all the way into the depths of her feelings with her songwriting.

Carey writes the kinds of songs that can feel like a relief to listen to, and that is because she is undeterred by vulnerability. On her latest album, The Veil, she unpacks thoughts and feelings about family: making it, holding it, struggling with it, cherishing it.

And in this latest episode of the Why We Write podcast, she talks about the vulnerability involved with songwriting, how she got into this kind of music, and why she wrote her first song, “Monkeybars.”

Press play and enjoy this latest episode of the Why We Write podcast.

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