Why We Write with Kim Ruehl, Eps. 23: Dar Williams

Dar Williams has been leading a songwriting retreat for ten years and has a book coming in September that is packed with her advice for how to write a song that matters. None of this is surprising.

For around three decades, Williams has been one of the finest songwriters in the singer-songwriter realm. She’s written songs about love and loss, depression and excitement, scientific experiments and surviving winter, iconic artists like Yoko Ono and Mark Rothko, and on and on. Considering her entire canon, it would seem that there is no subject unworthy of a good song.

So it was wonderful to get the opportunity to dig into the art and craft of songwriting with the ever-thoughtful Dar Williams. If you’re a songwriter, get ready to take notes. Then press play and enjoy this episode of “Why We Write.”

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