Why We Write with Kim Ruehl, Eps. 13: Nora Guthrie

Woody Guthrie has been gone for more than a half-century, but he remains one of the most prolific songwriters in American music history. Now, a new book has been released from his daughter Nora Guthrie, titled Woody Guthrie: Songs and Art, Words and Wisdom. It presents a full, well-rounded view of Woody’s songwriting as well as everything else he created. In the process of taking in his various paintings, drawings, journal entries, lists, poems, and so on, one can come to understand the way America’s most iconic folksinger lived in the world and processed what he saw and felt. Nora even included a chapter of Woody’s suggestions about how to write songs. We got into all of this and more in a recent discussion for the latest episode of ‘Why We Write with Kim Ruehl.’

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