Why We Write with Kim Ruehl, Basic Folk Bonus Eps: Chris Thile

Chris Thile has been a voracious musician for most of his life. His first hit band, Nickel Creek, formed when he was just 12 years old, and he has long since released an array of solo albums, as well as several with his band The Punch Brothers.

On his latest solo album, Laysongs, Thile explores the dichotomies of what Basic Folk podcaster Cindy Howes calls “exclusionary community.” Howes went deep on this concept and the process of writing Thile’s new album in this special episode of Basic Folk that we’re sharing here on the Why We Write feed.

According to Howes, “[Thile] talks about how the pandemic has helped further shape those feelings about exclusionary community. We also get into a riveting conversation about Chris’s thoughts on writing simple pop music and wine, one of his deepest passions.”

Enjoy this special podcast takeover featuring Basic Folk, then find Basic Folk wherever you get your podcasts.

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