Why Aren’t There More Songs About Divorce?

There are songs aplenty about love, death, having kids, and even adultery, so why not more about divorce? I realize that every country music singer has to have at least one “break-up” song in his or her repertoire, but what about the aftermath? A lot of people divorce and many of them have families and friends that are torn apart by the events. Singer/songwriter Liz Phair (who is way too rocked out for Jim to play) has a song on her new album (Liz Phair) called Little Digger. It’s about a young boy meeting his mother’s new boyfriend for the first time and saying, “My mother is mine.” It makes me cry almost as much as Richard Shindell’s Somewhere Near Paterson (a song about how the rat race makes us all into jerks and we forget how lucky we are while we complain about the little annoyances). So, why aren’t there more songs about these events in relationships that really touch us at a common level? I don’t need any more love songs.

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