Who are your favorite local folk acts?

From listener Ken Connors:

“As one who had relocated from Pittsburgh to Jacksonville about eight years ago, I arrived in Florida with no ‘folk connections’ but with my eyes wide open. I’ve since discovered a vast number of top-notch touring folkies, and we’ve been hosting house concerts for the last five years or so (thanks to our friend Anne Feeney who introduced us to the concept during her first tour with Chandler.) As we all travel and look for quality ‘regional’ acts in clubs or in festivals, the following question could provide guidance to Folk Alley supporters…

Where are you from, and who are the folk acts I couldn’t afford to miss when I’m in your part of the country?

There are some fantastic acts in the southeast, and I’d love to get the word out about them.”

Tell us about your favorite local folk acts below.

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