What to do…what to do..?

We have a hypothetical question that maybe you can help us with…(okay maybe it isn’t quite so hypothetical, but let’s pretend for a minute, shall we…)

Let’s just say IF the Folk Alley staff had been watching, quietly and behind the scenes, an individual abuse the Open Mic feature to benefit a friend whose songs are posted. And, let’s say the things this person was doing to help their ‘artist friend’ wasn’t just a one-time, isolated incident, but was rather an on-going pattern for well over a month, maybe even two.

Would you agree that this individual was abusing and taking advantage of the system? And would you think that this person was showing a total lack of respect for the Open Mic community? Finally – What do you think we should do about this? Condone it? Publicly expose this person in the Blog? Along with his ‘artist friend’ too? Suspend him for a period of time from the site? Public flogging? Tar and feather? Lock them in a room and blast “Spaced Out: The Best of Leonard Nemoy & William Shatner” for 72 hours solid? Any ideas? Help us out…we want Open Mic to be for YOU not ambitious “gamers.” Thanks!

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