What the wild folkies do. . .

A comment to a blog I posted a few weeks ago was made by JL Braswell and I think it’s a worthy entry in its own right, likely to catch more eyes if it’s repeated here:

“If you don’t mind my asking in a politely nosey kind of way:
Speaking of day jobs, I’m kind of interested in what exactly all of you Folk musicians do for a living between gigs…have always been curious about that.
I guess I really want to know what kind of employer is amenable to the musician’s on again/off again schedule. And if you’re gonna be “from” somewhere and playing elsewhere, this must involve enough travel time away from the day job to make for an interesting scheduling challenge for any employer. I think they should be rewarded for their support of the genre (if they don’t bitterly complain, that is!). What’s you experience? Which places are the best to live & work days and still make regular away gigs?”

Interesting questions. . . the anwers will be of interest to all of us. Thanks, JL!

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