What 5 Songs Are Necessary to Your Life?

On last week’s episode of my new favorite show, Love Monkey, Tom (played by ubber-cutie Tom Cavanagh) asks a new co-worker that he may be interested in romantically what 5 songs she couldn’t live without. Her #3 was something from the Essential Dylan (not something you would automatically think of, which is probably why I’m drawing a blank) and he is instantly smitten (he had earlier used the 2-CD set as a baby shower gift, contributing to his single state) – until she adds Starship‘s We Built This City. What would be your 5 seminal songs? I tried and tried, but I could only narrow the field to 6. It’s harder the older I get, there’s just too much to choose from. Click below to see my top 6 and add your 2 cents (and 5 songs)!

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