We’re almost there!

Thank you for the generous support you’ve shown so far in helping to meet the challenge of paying for the current streaming costs of Folk Alley. Close to 400 folk fans have stepped forward over the past couple weeks taking us almost all the way to the goal of $27,000 in listener support by the end of the month.

But, I’d like to see the strings bust off that old banjo-thermometer sitting over there on the left long before September 30th. As soon as we meet the goal, we can cease fundraising in the stream and get down to the business of spending Bob Zucker’s money. Bob Zucker of AMAZ Records presented a challenge to you to meet that goal and I certainly don’t want to have to call him to say we “almost” made it. The reason Bob presented his $10,000 gift as a challenge is that he knows that maximum participation by listeners is the key to the future success of this service. We don’t want to rely on one or two big donors for our survival – it’s up to all Folk Alley listeners to pitch-in as they are able. Every little bit helps. Please do your part. If you’ve contributed already, thank you!


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