Vote Now for Open Mic!

Voting for the overall Open Mic winner closes down at noon ET (GMT -5) on this Monday, Aug. 28. If you haven’t voted (or haven’t officially “locked” your vote), please do so now. You can play all of the songs in a row (or scroll through the list more easily) by clicking “Launch the Open Mic Player with all songs” at the bottom of the page. Remember: You may only vote once, finding ways to vote more than once are most likely tracked and may get that song eliminated. Also, you must lock in the song you are voting for for the vote to be official. If you do not see the current voting totals, you have not locked in your vote! Artists, now is the time to E-mail your fans and have them step up to the plate. The final winner will be selected using your votes, the votes and comments of a blue ribbon panel of industry professionals, and the votes of the Folk Alley staff.

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