Vote For the Punch Brothers

We at Folk Alley are really big baseball fans – and we love Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers. So this is exciting! In 1908, two important things happened. The Chicago Cubs won a World Series (which they haven’t done since) and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” made it’s debut (as a music hall song about a man blowing off work and his girlfriend). In honor of both of these momentous occasions, ESPN’s Baseball Tonight is running a “Battle of the Bands,” with a variety of groups playing the song for fans to vote. Votes must be in by the end of the weekend.

Our vote is going to the Punch Brothers. Chris Thile loves baseball (he has a couple baseball-themed CDs under his belt) and they actually say to root, root, root for the Cubbies, which is much better (even if you disagree with the team choice) than the completely lame “home team” option. Plus, Noam Pikelny!

Here’s the Punch Brothers video (see the others and vote here), vote now and vote often:

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