Video Premiere: Zoe Boekbinder, “I Am Yesterday” (feat. Gracie & Rachel)

There may not be a more gorgeous song about the shattering end of a relationship than Zoe Boekbinder’s “I Am Yesterday.” Keyboard mingles with haunting violin in the opening measures, laying a lush bed for their spellbinding and evocative vocals. In the chorus, label mates Gracie and Rachel enter with ethereal, atmospheric backing vocals about regret, acceptance, and moving on.

There are moments when “I Am Yesterday” resembles the spaciously evocative songs of the 1970s band Mercy, though Boekbinder’s arrangement is far more layered and immersive. The video, directed by Jocelyn Mackenzie, captures the story through the mirror’s reflections.

Looking back is never easy for anyone, but there is a kind of power in becoming so at-one with your past that you can relive it in dreams and reflections, embracing its pain and beauty.

Of the video, Boekbinder notes: “Jocelyn Mackenzie, another Righteous Babe Records artist, dreamt up the concept for this video and did a phenomenal job directing the shoot. The mirrors represent the past in a few ways, which is why the viewer mostly only sees Gracie and Rachel in the reflection. It is so energizing to be a part of this record label family. So often the industry can pit artists against each other but this crew is so supportive and collaborative. We lift each other up. I could get real sappy but I’ll leave it at that.”


Video shot and edited by Julia Margo Ross.

“I Am Yesterday” is is available via Righteous Babe Records HERE.


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