Video Premiere: Them Coulee Boys, “Hallelujah”

Swirling synths loop around effervescent violin notes and shimmering harmonies in the opening measures of “Hallelujah,” creating a lush, ethereal soundscape into which Soren Staff’s lead vocals rise into the stars. The opening scene in Them Coulee Boys’ video evokes the sublimity of human experience with eddying pools of sound that ripple ever outward, reverberating with ringing echoes that carry us through the mundane meadows of life.

The interplay of sunlight and shadow in the video conveys the darting steps with which we shuffle through our lives; the looping synths mimic the love that spins beneath the surface of our lives, while guitar and piano chords and vocals evoke the twinkling moments of hope that shine through our cloudiest moments in life. Much like the kite the singer unfurls in the video, “Hallelujah” soars gracefully into the clear skies of hope, dancing playfully with joy.

As vocalist and songwriter Soren Staff says, “’Hallelujah’ is a meditation on the ways we seek comfort when we’ve lost control. We look for escapes, even if they hurt, until we find one that works for us. Is it really grace if you ask for it? I wanted to explore the ways we seek stability when we need it most.”


Video by: Erik and Sarah Elstran

“Hallelujah” is a single from Them Coulee Boys’ album Namesake. It’s available HERE


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