Video Premiere: Pieta Brown, “Street Tracker”

Subjective interpretation is one of the fundamental components of art. Where some see chaos, others see order. Where some sense rage, others sense passion. In Pieta Brown’s “Street Tracker,” some might experience tenderness and vulnerability in both purpose and practice. But the artist herself experiences something completely different.

“The spark for ‘Street Tracker’ was a photograph I saw of a motorcycle not long after getting home from being on the road touring,” she says. “I saw a kind of openness, freedom, and power in the machine. I hear and feel this same mix in Mark Knopfler’s guitar playing.”

Of course, vulnerability and courage are inextricably linked, so perhaps this song (like most of Brown’s music) lives in the space between the two, in the transformation of those qualities into the artwork that represents them. Like the power in even the gentlest of streams that slowly, gradually, defiantly wears down the stones that stand in its path, “Street Tracker” is both calming and clarion.

Translating those qualities into a visual piece would, necessarily, demand a certain sensitivity. “For the video, I wanted to continue the collaboration aspect of the Postcards project and invited the mesmerizing aerial silks performer Mimi Ke to work together,” Brown notes. “She so gracefully manages to convey this same spirit of openness, freedom, and power that I first saw in that photograph. Making the video of her choreography and performance was extra fun, and I remain mesmerized.”


Pieta Brown’s latest album, Postcards, is out now and available at iTunes and Amazon.com

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