Video Premiere: Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers, “Lint Head Gal”


Admit it: when you’re home alone and your favorite song comes on the radio (or pops up on your playlist), you start singing and dancing around the kitchen, maybe playing a little air guitar or drums, and just generally having a great time. Sometimes, when you hear the right song, you just have to move.

Well, you’re in good company: Phoebe Hunt feels that way, too.

Fiddler, singer-songwriter, and Texas swing chanteuse Phoebe Hunt started making waves as a member of The Belleville Outfit about 7 years ago and has since gone on to pursue a solo career. (She also works with a band she calls The Gatherers.) She loves music with her whole body – you can see it for yourself when you watch the video for one of her new songs, “Lint Head Gal.”

With a twang in her voice and some energetic air fiddling to accompany her, Hunt tells the story of a woman who is absolutely determined to make her own way in the world. Does she need education? Nope. How about a man? Nah, she had one and ran off because she got bored. Love isn’t necessary to survival, either, and family members and friends are overrated.

Hunt says, “‘Lint Head Gal’ is the story of a revolutionary woman. During the time of industrialization in American history, many women moved from the country into the cities to create an independent life for themselves, free from the shackles of the patriarchal paradigm they had been raised within. Often times these women ended up in factory jobs, barely skimming by. This quest meant being rough and tough and ready to do almost anything for freedom. ‘Lint Head Gal’ embodies that woman and her quest for personal liberty.”

Hunt punctuates these statements of power and determination with her hands and feet, spinning around the room with a feeling of wild abandon. At moments, there’s such exuberance in her movements, she looks like she might actually take flight. Like the character she’s singing about, Phoebe Hunt is clearly going to do things her own way – and she’s clearly going to have a fabulous time while she does it.


You’ll find “Lint Head Gal” on Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers’ new recording, Shanti’s Shadow, due out this spring. The single is available now at iTunes and Amazon.com.

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