Video Premiere: Parsonsfield, “Stronger”

A lot of string bands like to talk about how they are innovating, but Parsonsfield actually delivers on that promise. Not only does their sound kick out the windows of what most people think of folk and bluegrass, but their new video raises a flag for the millennial generation. In it, a couple texts the lyrics of the song “Stronger” back and forth, as if in a dialogue.

The on-point simplicity of the opening lines sets the stage: “When you were mine and I was yours, when both of our keys opened up the same door, there was love in our hearts, in our clothes on the floor,” Chris Freeman sings over a gently picked guitar, adding, “Love used to be fun. It became such a chore.” From there, the track builds in the typically fierce Parsonsfield fashion.

Sometimes, the breeze whispers a message of meaning, quiet and true. And, sometimes, the barn needs to be burned to the ground in order to get the point across. On “Stronger” (found on their upcoming release Blooming Through the Black) Parsonsfield takes both tacks to deliver their dispatch… and one helluva song.


Blooming Through the Black will be released via Signature Sounds on September 9th.

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