Video Premiere: Mipso, “Just Want To Be Loved”

Many of us stand outside certain communities looking in, sometimes yearning to be a part, often simply marveling that the community shares so freely a love missing in our own community. With a momentary tinge of regret, we might walk away, or we may tentatively approach members of the community, seeking welcome and acceptance; very often the circle widens, embracing us. In some ways, we’re all outsiders during the pandemic, with community circles closing tighter and tighter and disallowing others in. Mipso’s spacious song captures the feeling of the song’s title with a dreamy instrumental bridge that features guitar lines uncoiling and looping over and around fiddle and bass lines. The song opens with four spare notes played with a bow on the bass before floating along a gorgeous layering of vocals and instruments that evoke both the tentativeness and the urgent desire of the song’s refrain—“just wanna be loved.” The video, filmed outside and inside Manifest Skate Shop on Durham, North Carolina, effortlessly captures the desire to be part of a community, the joy of community, and the celebration involved when one member of a community makes good.

As the band recalls, “The time had come to make a video for our new song ‘Just Wanna Be Loved,’ which tells most of the story right there in its title. We brainstormed a setting where the four of us could act out longing for acceptance together, a scene where it would be clear we were the outsiders, the losers, the unloved. It was Joseph’s idea that we team up with his pal Ryan Gaucher, skate videographer extraordinaire, to make a video about us trying to skateboard.

“The narrative we had in mind was that we four newbs would stop by the local skate shop, Manifest, venture into the skatepark, and eventually become marginally accepted into the fold, despite our greenness. The real kickflips were the friends we made along the way, etc. That’s what you’ll see, more or less, in this video.

“But there’s another story behind the scenes, which is that Mipso bassist Wood Robinson bought a skateboard (his first since high school) and, after many instances of nearly breaking his wrists (something most bass players consider vitally important), successfully dropped into a bowl. The veteran skaters treated him like a gold-medal Olympian getting off the plane in his hometown, and the boy was veritably beaming. It was a beautiful afternoon that stands out among the sea of indistinguishably mediocre afternoons of the recent past. We hope you’ll enjoy that image as you watch this video, and further we hope you feel totally justified in desiring and seeking the love and joy we all need.”

“Just Want To Be Loved” from Mipso’s new self-titled album on Rounder Records is available – HERE.

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