Video Premiere: Mile Twelve, “Close Enough to Hear”

On the title track of their new album (Close Enough to Hear, due Feb. 3, 2023), Boston-based bluegrass quintet Mile Twelve meditates on the feeling of longing for someone from whom you’ve been separated by circumstances beyond your control.

It opens with the gentle strains of Nate Sabat’s bass and Ella Jordan’s fiddle—lush layers of sound over which guitarist Evan Murphy’s vocals soothingly flow. On the instrumental bridge, Korey Brodsky’s mandolin plays call-and-response with B.B. Bowness’s sparkling banjo, Jordan’s nimble fiddle, and Murphy’s vibrant fingerpicking.

“I find it easier to write from the perspective of other characters than from my own point of view,” admits Murphy. “But this song is all me. It spilled onto the page immediately after I did a morning Metta meditation, calling to mind people who I love. These were early lockdown days, when many of us were staying away from even our closest family members. I was desperately missing my three-year-old nephew, my brothers, sisters-in-law, and my parents. This song was a simple visualization of a perfect day, and what we were all missing so much at that time.”

Perfect, indeed. “Close Enough to Hear” gracefully evokes the closeness we share with family and friends, the ways their presence lives within us even when they’re absent.


Video by Louise Bichan

Close Enough to Hear is available for pre-order HERE.

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