Video Premiere: Mark Erelli, “Look Up”


Life should be more than a series of grueling tasks and unrewarding, staid routines. Life should take your breath away with its wonders and joys and beauties. And, life certainly can do that – and how. But there’s the catch: YOU have to be aware of what life is choosing to offer and share.

Mark Erelli’s “Look Up,” which you’ll find on his new recording For a Song, is a reminder not to sleepwalk through our daily existence. It’s also a song that suggests that maybe there’s no difference between what is sacred and what is secular – maybe, deep down, we all dream the same dreams.

Watching Erelli sing this gorgeously crafted song, staring straight ahead, hardly blinking, and playing his guitar with the kind of quiet confidence that only comes from years and years of practice and performance, you’re struck with the fact that he’s telling a story he knows really, really well.

It’s like one of those truths we all have – the thing we know so well, that’s such an intrinsic part of us, that we’ll never forget. This song, with its three-person point of view, with its comments about being aware of what’s around us, and yet with its willingness to admit that maybe we don’t really know what life is all about, is Mark Erelli’s truth.

The album version of “Look Up” features some beautiful harmony vocals from Paula Cole on the chorus and a touch of subtle percussion as well. This version, presented with a very nicely mic-ed guitar, puts Erelli’s well-traveled voice and his clever lyrics front and center and is just as affecting, if not more so, because of its stark simplicity.


Mark Erelli’s album ‘For a Song’ is out now and available at iTunes and direct from Mark at his Bandcamp page.

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Video produced by Beehive Productions in Saranac Lake, NY

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