Video Premiere: Joshua Hyslop, “The Flood”

Much like Joshua Radin and Damien Rice, Joshua Hyslop puts a contemporary spin on the classic form that is folk music with his new album, ‘In Deepest Blue.’ There’s a softness to his approach, that’s more tender than light due to the candor with which he crafts his songs and the sparseness in which he frames them.

“The Flood,” the set’s opening track, grounds itself with an unburdened drum groove which adds just enough support for the whole piece to ebb and flow along as the mandolin and acoustic guitar rise and fall… which is exactly how Hyslop intended it to be.

“I wrote this song after I’d been feeling really numb for quite a while. It helped pull me out of that place and got me feeling hopeful again,” Hyslop says. “I think the video (directed by Nancy Lee) and the song both do a good job of showcasing the importance of letting go of the past and moving on.”


‘In Deepest Blue’ is available now via iTunes and Amazon.com.

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