Video Premiere: Jordan Tice, “Walkin'”

Folk Alley Video Premiere Jordan Tice Walkin'
photo: Jacqueline Justice

Hardly a stroll in the park, Jordan Tice’s “Walkin’,” rambles briskly ahead, picking up the pace as Tice’s fingers slide peripatetically up and down his guitar’s frets. Spare vocals and spry licks propel this talking blues, a jaunty introspective glance into the wisdom we gain when we put one foot in front of another as we move from place to place. “Walkin’” rides along an ambling vibe—sort of like a perambulatory “I’ve Been Everywhere.” Tice discovers the tranquility that comes from giving himself up to the rhythms of walking—“cuz it’s the best I’ve found/to keep my spirits up and my worries down.” Tice’s cascading notes gain momentum as the song approaches the end of his walk, but he settles long enough to reflect on the lessons he’s learned from his ramblings: “I’m inclined/to never to one place bind/and never to just one fate resign /and always seein’ what i can find cuz it/seems the whole world was created by a ramblin’ mind.”

Tice recalls of the song: “Walkin’- I wrote this song a few summers ago while walking around New York City hours before boarding a flight to Finland. I was feeling quite free, mobile, and generally peripatetic and I wrote the lyrics to the pace of my footsteps. The themes, both sonically and lyrically, to me are movement and transience and It was definitely inspired by Woody Guthrie/early Bob Dylan ramblin’ vibes. Hopefully it puts a spring in your step in this highly stationary time.”

Tice’s quiet sparse video of “Walkin’,” which appears on his new album Motivational Speakeasy, out September 25, captures the spirit of a man with rambling on his mind.

Motivational Speakeasy is out September 25 and available now for pre-order HERE.

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