Video Premiere: Jordan Tice, “Breaking Through”

“Breaking Through” opens with a sharp, crisp notes that cascade into a shower of sound. The tune envelops us warmly as the chords and notes circle around one another, ascending into a somber introspection before breaking into a joyous moment of celebration. The first half of the song resembles a walk in the shadowy woods, leaves dripping from a recent rain shower; as Paul Kowert’s bass provides the harmonic counterpoint in the middle of the tune, Tice’s notes brighten warmly, and it’s as if we’ve walked out of the woods—“broken through”—into brilliant late afternoon sunshine. The video captures the spare interplay between Tice and Kowert.

As Tice recalls, “I wrote ‘Breaking Through’ in the deepest depths of the pandemic lockdown back in 2020 in a meditative state on a quiet Sunday morning. A lot of the music on this EP was written in similar circumstances as a form of self-soothing in the crazy unraveling that was last year. The title comes from the sonic journey that takes place between the A and the B parts. The A part sits in a placid and contemplative lower state hinting at a more elevated mood but not quite manifesting it until the B part hits and the melody breaks through into a different key and brighter/more optimistic territory before winding back down again. As I was figuring out what to put on the EP it felt like this would be a nice vigil-like end to this collection of music. The video was filmed in the studio just after we finished tracking the record using the same setup that we recorded the EP with so this video is very much a glimpse into the recording process.”

“Breaking Through” is from Jordan Tice’s new EP, Yesteryears, available – HERE


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