Video Premiere: Ian Fisher, “Be Thankful”

Ian Fisher’s mellow vocals float over a lush sonic landscape of circling fingerpicked guitar in his ode to gratitude “Be Thankful.” The song opens sparely with Fisher’s vocals and his dazzlingly pure guitar work before building, layer-by-layer, a shimmering wave of sound with swirling pedal steel chords and spiraling harmonies. The video of the song perfectly captures the moments of life that we so often rush past and evokes the preciousness of those memories that shape our current lives. The video celebrates the beauty of the world around us, reminding us to revel in the joy of our relationships with others and the world. As Fisher says, “After a year of being reminded everyday of what we don’t have, it’s easy to forget what we still do. This song is about taking stock of the good things in life, the little things, the overlooked things.”

Fisher wrote the song months before the pandemic when, he reminds us, “when distraction came in the form of plenty instead of scarcity. When it was easy to relate to the life path of the characters in this song. The hustle and the movement, the change and the connection that brought meaning to life.” Now, he observes, he hears the song differently. “Instead of a call for quiet contemplative gratefulness to cut through the loud chaos of life, it sounds like a calm reminder that, in spite of the slow tectonic grind overpowering everything around us, we are still alive and we can still love.”

Fisher recalls the making of the video: “We had planned to film a Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Vienna, Austria, as a music video for this song until the second wave threw a wrench in yet another plan. Luckily, my fans, friends, and family from all over the world stepped up and sent me nearly 50 videos of things they were thankful for. Not only is it the content of the video that reminds me to remain grateful in the face of uncertainty, but it’s the kindness and love of the people who sent them that makes me truly thankful to be able to share my music with them and all of you.”

“Be Thankful” from Ian Fisher’s new album, ‘American Standards‘ available HERE.

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