Video Premiere: Heather Maloney, “We Were Together” ft. Taylor Goldsmith

Ah, new love. It’s a feeling that we’ve all, hopefully, experienced at some point in our lives. The world slows down, even disappears, and all you can see is the one in front of you. Try as you might to take it all in, the details never seem to stick in your mind as easily as the feelings embed in your heart. And, suddenly, all the clichés of love seem to be so very spot on.

It’s just that kind of night that Heather Maloney details in “We Were Together.” Inspired by the first date with her true love, the track features Taylor and Griff Goldsmith of Dawes on vocals and drums, respectively. At its lyrical heart beats a Walt Whitman poem, “Once I Pass’d Through a Populous City,” which recounts a similar moment of failed recall in the poet’s romantic life: “Day by day and night by night we were together — all else has long been forgotten by me; I remember, I say, only that woman who passionately clung to me.”

While its sentiment may be sweet, its timbre is certainly not timid. Rather, “We Were Together” is a swelling folk-pop song that has enough head room in the choruses and bridge for both Maloney’s and Goldsmith’s voices to go for broke. And, boy, do they ever.

“We Were Together” is available on Heather Maloney’s new album, ‘Soil In the Sky’ available at iTunes and Amazon.com.

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