Video Premiere: Gregory Alan Isakov, “The Stable Song”

More so than many of his peers, Gregory Alan Isakov has a magical, mystical way with a folk song. There’s a tenderness to his approach that never tips into the abyss of corniness that befalls so many others. His new collaborative album, Gregory Alan Isakov and the Colorado Symphony, is a perfect example, as the orchestra so easily floats under, around, and above his compositions.

“One of the things we were really going for, making this record, was a symphonic element that allowed the songs to breathe and maintain a sense of space,” Isakov says. “And I love how it came out — so many hands were involved with the arrangements, scores, mixing, artwork, and video work.”

On its own, “The Stable Song” epitomizes what sets Isakov apart. Add on the Colorado Symphony and a throwback video, and the die is cast. Isakov turned to his bassist, John Grigsby, to make the video using a combination of vintage footage and live “actors” folded into each other through animation and editing. As Isakov tells it, “John Grigsby is one of the most creative animators and musicians I know. I love how our collaboration with this video took shape. I think that’s why I love playing with John in the band, as well. Songs, for me, don’t really exist in the literal world. I love how this video allows the viewer to dream up their own take on the song.”


Gregory Alan Isakov and the Colorado Symphony is out now and available at iTunes and Amazon.com

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