Video Premiere: Greg Felden, “Every Time”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Greg Felden doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff. His solo debut, Made of Strings (self-released, due June 14) is a sincere and heartbreaking collection of songs about life and its often-enormous questions, its unexpected twists and turns.

So there’s a bit of irony in the fact that the video for the album’s lead single, “Every Time,” is full of puppets, aliens, and ridiculous scenarios. With its visuals, directed by Bill Watterson, the song becomes an absurdist resignation to the trials and tribulations of getting through this life—one may as well enjoy it, after all.

The song, Felden says, “is a bit of a stylistic experiment. It was written on piano instead of guitar, and frankly, it’s a slightly happier vibe than is typical for me. The song is about how, whether it’s in a romantic relationship or really any situation involving humans, things can and will go wrong. Life is messy and strange and unpredictable. But, ultimately, we’re lucky to be here. Bill Watterson and his crazy cast and crew were a perfect fit and a joy to work with.”

According to his bio, Felden’s girlfriend was battling cancer while he was writing and recording this album, and she passed away shortly after it was finished. The weight of that story colors a lot of the emotional landscape of Made of Strings, understandably, and makes having a few laughs through the video for “Every Time” feel all the more necessary.

Press play and let off some steam. Greg Felden is here for you.
Made of Strings is available for pre-order now – HERE.

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