Video Premiere: Cloudbelly, “Whistling”

Fingerpicked guitar notes ripple gently in ever-expanding circles of sound in this song’s opening measures, lulling us into a peaceful state of bliss. Corey Laitman’s ethereal vocals soon wrap tenderly around the circling guitar rhythms, and Anand Nayak’s whispering call and response harmonies create a lush soundscape that evokes the stillness and hushed beauty of the natural world.

Laitman and Nayak, who came together as Cloudbelly in 2017, paint their musical landscape with a vibrant palate of lyrics that evoke at once the exquisite splendor of nature and the soothing embrace of love. In this little lullaby, rivers flow gently, birds warble and whistle, kettles sing on “lilac mornings,” and “any way the wind blows/my heart keeps learning.”

Soothing whistling accompanies the song’s final guitar notes as the video depicts a couple sailing down a meandering river. This gorgeous little song reminds us to slow down, listen to the songs of the birds, and to marvel at the glorious world outside our windows.

Corey Laitman calls this a “low-fi and lyrical” song and recalls that “’Whistling’ is a love song written to an aspect of early pandemic life that made avid bird-watchers of so many: The sudden slowness of domestic life, and with it the permission to pause and notice in a fresh way.”


Video by Lisa Bastoni

“Whistling” is a new single from Cloudbelly, out February 2. It’s available for pre-order HERE


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