Video Premiere: Anya Hinkle, “Why Women Need Wine”

Full of tinkling effervescence, wry nods and winks, and capacious laughter, Anya Hinkle and her friends spill the wine and raise a few toasts in celebration of their friendship in the video for Hinkle’s new single, “Why Women Need Wine.” Spry fiddles dance under and around Anya Hinkle’s finger-picked guitar lines, gently swirling into a waltzing St. Louis toodle-oo that revels in the fruit of the vine and its restorative powers. Hinkle recalls that the song came to her when she was feeling down and called a friend who said, “Come on over; I’ve got a great bottle of wine; let’s talk. I spilled it all out, just said every ridiculous thing and we laughed, I cried, and on my way home I just felt so much better,” says Hinkle. “Everything seemed possible again, I got a grip, and this line popped into my head: This is why women need wine.” With a bright canniness, Hinkle points out many of the expectations women face in our society—looking just right, with a not-too-short and not-too-tight-dress, having perfect hair, and “growing up/ but, not over thirty-nine”—laughs in their face and she rolls her eyes as she sings it’s no wonder women need wine.

Hinkle’s latest single is from her new album Eden and Her Borderlands, out on July 16 on Organic Records. As Hinkle says of the album: “Eden represents the essence of life, the wholeness, innocence and perfection that is our birthright, those things that seem to get stripped away from us along our journey. The past year isolated us and, despite the hardships of the pandemic, I had an opportunity to view myself and my circumstances differently. Living in uncertainty, I cancelled all my plans and lived more in the moment. I became more grateful for what surrounds me: my home, my pets, my family, my neighbors, my community. I gained a deeper appreciation for those that support us: mail carriers, medical workers, grocery store clerks, the guys on the garbage trucks. I began to feel unexpectedly open and curious, like I was moving ever closer toward Eden by breaking open my heart and mind.”

Eden and Her Borderlands is available HERE.



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