Vasen: Back to a trio…for now.

What do you do when your percussionist doesn’t want to leave home? You go without him. Andre Ferrari didn’t want to leave Sweden during Vasen‘s recent tour abroad, so the group decided to tour in their original trio form. They enjoyed the tour, and surprised themselves with a whole album of new tunes, the aptly named Trio. Olav Johannsson’s 3 row chromatic nyckelharpa anchors the sound. American ears need to be open to what may be an unusual instrument for them, but on the other hand, many Scandanavians thrive on the Delta Blues. Its a big world with lots of joys and it makes you wonder why Andre wanted to stay home. Mikael Marin plays viola and violin, Roger Tallroth plays bosoki and 12-string guitar. Those two write most of the material.

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