Used Cars?!!?

Who’s idea was that? I know Chris was amused/impressed/intimidated by my Ebay Daewoo Espero (£170 – or about $360) which I bought specifically for the Fairport run, and which has since seen me and mine all over the country, towing a trailer tent (£50 also from Ebay!). My family are a little horrified by it; my little sister calls it the Despairo and says I look like a Soviet mini-cab driver in it, but every time it starts when I turn the key and I hear that familiar feeble grinding of the aerial trying to extend (poor old car can’t get it up anymore unless I show it pictures of 2 seat convertibles with the tops down), I love it a little more.

Honest Elena’s Used Car Emporium has to be a must visit pilgrimage for folk music tourists. You’ll have the best TV ads of any used-car lot in the States. Used/old car and motoring songs for a themed show and podcast please. Come on people, rack your brains and raid your record collections. From a Brit perspective I’d like to kick off with Richard Thompson’s MGB GT from Mirror Blue, Followed maybe by Fairport Convention Keep on Turning the Wheel or even M1 breakdown from their first album.

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