Theremin Friday

I have to be honest. We all get a little crazy around here during fund drives. So crazy in fact that I just brought my theremin into Linda’s office–unknowing to me that the entire building could hear it. What is a theremin you ask?

It’s the oldest electronic instrument—invented in 1919 by Russian physicist Lev Termen (his name was later changed to Leon Theremin). The coolest part about the theremin is that you touch nothing to play it. Your hands are in a magnetic field and the closer your hand gets to antenna number one, the higher the pitch. It creates that spooky, wishy washy sound often associated with B-Horror Movies from the 1950s. But in the hands of a proper theremenist, the instrument can sound like a beautiful singing lady. In the hands of Chris Boros, it sounds more like a dying baby–on a bad day.

So I wanted to relieve some stress for the Folk Alley staff with a Friday theremin concert. However, I think I just created more. Needless to say, the theremin program was cut short. Very short. Doors began to shut around the entire building, people turned up their radios (all playing Folk Alley of course) and in about two seconds, I was told the on-air studio could hear it. Ooops. So much for theremin Friday. Then again, there’s always Monday.

To here some sounds, go here: thereminworld.com

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