The Telluride Nothing Festival – July 18-20


MerleFest was fun this year – no doubt about it. However, is it me, or are some festivals just too big? 15 stages and 80,000 people can be fun for some, but a bit annoying for others. Don’t get me wrong, the music is well-worth dealing with 80,000 sweaty and stinky people, but with 15 stages, it can be overwhelming.

So for those of us who might like a small festival, here is one to suggest that offers absolutely nothing! Whether this is just a joke, or a real thing, it certainly sounds fun to me. It’s The Telluride Nothing Festival.

The Nothing Festival was accidentally created by a local resident who was fed up with the prospect of another huge event by a large promoter. A tongue in cheek letter was sent to the city manager requesting a non-festival permit and was taken seriously!

I would love nothing more than to sit around with a bunch of cool people for two days and do nothing. Absolutely nothing! Sounds like heaven to me. “Thank you for not participating.”

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