The Suitcase Junket

Matt Lorenz is a musician, visual artist and tinkerer, as well as a professional showoff. The Suitcase Junket’s artistic vision is one of salvaged and repurposed objects, images and emotions. Lorenz tours The Suitcase Junket nationally playing on festival stages and city street corners, in concert halls and dive bars, in living rooms and listening rooms. “The band” is built around a resurrected dumpster-diamond guitar, an old oversized suitcase, a hi-hat, a gas-can baby-shoe foot-drum, a cookpot-soupcan-tambourine foot-drum, a circular-saw-blade bell and a box of bones and silverware that operate much like a hi-hat. He pounds out rhythms with his feet and his twang-and-buzz guitar growls through a couple of old tube amps. On top of all this is the ethereal edge of his overtone throat-singing. The Suitcase Junket has earned the title unique.

The Suitcase Junket is as much a visual experience as an aural one. His musical style is true Americana with a little of a lot of genres rolled into something all his own. Hear the interview and see the videos captured at the studios of Beehive Productions in Saranac Lake, New York, and experience The Suitcase Junket for yourself.



Interview and Performance

Earth Apple

Twisted Fate

Dauphine & Desire

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