The Halloween Scream Stream “unofficial” Contest

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For the Halloween Season, Folk Alley introduces the “Halloween Scream Stream”—five hours of spooky folk music including ghost stories, witch songs, supernatural tales and vampire bites. To celebrate, we’re holding an “unofficial” Halloween contest. As you listen, you’ll occasionally hear sounds from famous (and not so famous) horror movies. There are ten movie sounds in the stream. Whoever can identify all ten movie clips, or the person to identify most of them, will win. DO NOT post your answers on this blog. All contest entries must be submitted to me personally via e-mail at chris@folkalley.com. Again, DO NOT post your answers here. There will be three winners. Even if you can’t name all the movies, you still have a great shot at winning. Remember to be specific–sequels matter. You will win your choice of one of the following: *

1. A vile of A-Negative Blood
2. One Machete
3. Garlic, mirror, crucifix, wooden stake
4. Silver bullets
5. Casket
6. One mausoleum grave site for future use
7. A CD from the Folk Alley office

All entries must be submitted by November 1, 2007. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

* Prizes 1-6 are not available

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