The First Song in My iPod

I finally finished paying off my student loans from grad school (and, yes, 10 years is a very long time) so I bought myself a little prezie – a new iPod. I debated whether I was going to take it back until I couldn’t any longer and opened the box. Then, Linda said, “What’s going to be the first thing you put on it?” Up until that point, probably Asylum Street Spankers (since I have the CDs filed alphabetically). But, then, the decision seemed suddenly more important and deliberate. So, after much hard thinking, the entry order went: 1. Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, Drum Hat Buddha; 2. REM, Life’s Rich Pageant; 3. Barenaked Ladies, Gordon (and so on, it’s going to take me a few month to get everything loaded). Three albums that I just really love listening to, and do so often. If you found yourself in possession of an iPod (or similar, less sexy, Mp3 device), what would be the first three things you uploaded?

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