The “F” word in Ann Arbor wasn’t Folk. Were you there?

The recently completed Ann Arbor Folk Festival was a financial success. Both evenings in the 4300 seat Hill Auditorium were sold out. Saturday’s concert featured the traveling quartet of Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller. It was Friday’s concert, however, that drew the controversy. Indie-pop star Ben Folds was there, and there’s no question that he helped attract the full house. Several in attendance began to wonder, however, if they were at a Folk Festival or pop-rock concert. I wasn’t there, so you’ll have to help me if you were. Did Folds crossover enough to fit the bill? What did you think of his tirade dropping the “F-bomb” repeatedly in one of the final songs? Is there a controversy in Ann Arbor or should we feel lucky that The Ark will have financial protection for another year? I’d like your thoughts.

Jim Blum

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