The Duhks

The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based Duhks have always been die-hard folkies deep down inside, but that hasn’t stopped them from evolving the music with their own unique style and approach. Whether it’s a French-Canadian song, a set of Celtic reels, an original composition, or even a Led Zeppelin song, The Duhks not only put their own stamp on it, but they handle the material with ease – respecting the past, but always look towards the future. Their latest offering “Fast-Paced World” (2008), the first Duhks record to feature Sarah and Christian Dugas, is an album that showcases the band’s new found freedom and confidence. Music is not just a passion for this band, it’s a way of life. The Duhks are also on a mission for the environment, inspiring them to launch The Duhks Sustainability Project in October 2007. The band’s goal is to “tour on as sustainable a basis as possible; fueling their vehicle with Biodiesel, supporting local organic farmers wherever they go, wearing sustainable eco-conscious clothing, using earth-friendly shampoos, soaps and cosmetics and offsetting remaining CO2 emissions with carbon credits.” When The Duhks stopped by the Folk Alley studios, they spoke with Jim Blum and graced us with four songs, including a rocking interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.”


The Duhks Session Recording

Death Came A Knockin'

Heaven's My Home

Ol' Cook Pot

Les Blues du Cadien - Whole Lotta Love

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