The Debut Album

The debut album from a band or artist can make or break them. It’s usually at this time when a band is at its hungriest—when they’re young with nothing to loose. Why does it seem so many “older” bands are unable to deliver the energy and power of their earlier records? I certainly don’t want to name names, but let’s face it, can you name an older band that has released an album of higher quality than their classics? I can name a few—but not too many. What is your favorite debut record from an artist? I like to point to Jonathan Edwards’ first album—there’s not a cut I don’t like—it’s strong from moment to moment. English progressive rockers Caravan also released a debut record in the late 60’s that I think is their best and may be one of the finest first albums from any band. Any other records jump out at you?

Then there are some groups that release a great first album—but are either never heard from again, or their subsequent records are so bad, they fall off the face of the planet. I think there are many in that group…”one hit wonders.” Or what about a band that released a horrible debut record but followed it up with a gem?

So—what’s your favorite debut record? What band is still making vital and relevant material decade’s after their first release? And can you think of any bands that screwed up so badly after their debut that they died right afterwards? It seems to me that most band’s first release is their best—it’s all downhill after that. Of course—there are exceptions to every rule………

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